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Niuserre ("possessed of Re´s power") was the second son of Neferirkare and Khentkaus II to become Pharaoh. His throne name was Izi (or Isi, Ini, Iny). His Horus name was probably Setibtawy. The Turin list cannot confirm the length of his reign, which Manetho suggests was a massive 44 years. The representation of a Sed-festival found in his solar-temple implies that he ruled for at least 30 years, but no-one agrees on his dates.

An inscription found in the Sinai shown Niuserre triumphant over his enemies. However, it is suggested the scene is merely symbolic and we have no further information on any military conquest. He was married to Reputneb and Khentikus. A beautiful statue of Reputneb was discovered in the valley-temple connected to his and Neferirkare´s pyramid complex.

Niuserre´s Solar-temple (Shesepu-ib-re) in Abu Gurab, is the largest and most complete solar-temple, as it was the only one to be constructed completely of stone. Finely carved reliefs depict the Pharaoh during a Sed-festival and illustrate the fifth dynasty belief that the Sun god, Re, was the creator of the world. Other scenes include the founding of the temple, the sacrificing of animals, and the delivery of offerings. In the middle of the Sun temple's courtyard stood a huge obelisk, the cult symbol for Re. This design would have been common to previous sun temples, but the massive structures to the northeast and southeast corners mark an innovation which may have contributed to the development of the huge pylons common in later temples.


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