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Hieroglyphs to English

A ´(a) b d D(dj) g h h(kh) H i k
K(q) m n p r s S(sh) t T(tj) w/u


hieroglyphs; Ab A
vulture (noun)
hieroglyphs; Ab Ab
cease (verb)
hieroglyphs; Abd Ab
be angry (verb)
hieroglyphics; Abd Abd
month (noun)
hieroglyphics; AbDw AbDw
Abydos (place)
hieroglyphics; AbDw AbDw
fish (noun)
 Abt Abt
family (noun)
 Abh Abh
unite (verb)
Abw Abw
ivory (noun)
Abw Abw
elephant (noun)
Abw Abw
Elephantine (place)
Aby Aby
leopard (noun)
 Ah Ah
spirit state (noun)
Ah Ah
spirit (noun)
Ah Ah
become a spirit (verb)
Ah Ah
become a spirit (verb)
Aht Aht
inundation (season)
 Aht Aht
horizon (noun)
Aht Aht
ureas serpent (noun)
Ahw Ahw
pain (noun)
Ahw Ahw
sunlight (noun)
A'bt A´bt
oppression (noun)
Ais Ais
viscera (noun)
perish (verb)
 Aker Akr
Aker (god)
 Apd Apd
fowl, duck, bird (noun)
Aryt Aryt
staff (noun)
Ash Ash
reap (verb)
At At
striking power (of god) (adj)
At At
moment, instant (adj)
Atf Atf
atef crown (noun)
Aw Aw
death (noun)
 Aw Aw
long (of space)(adj)
Aw Aw
long (of time)(adj)
 Awt Awt
offerings, gifts (noun)

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