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Hieroglyphs to English

A ´(a) b d D(dj) g h h(kh) H i k
K(q) m n p r s S(sh) t T(tj) w/u

Dictionary; ' (a)

hieroglyphs; ' ´
arm (noun)
hieroglyphs; 'A ´A
door (noun)
hieroglyphs; 'A ´A
donkey (noun)
hieroglyphs; 'A ´A
be great (verb)
hieroglyphics; 'Am ´Am
asian (noun)
hieroglyphics; 'A(w) ´A(w)
the great (noun)
hieroglyphics;  'Aw ´Aw
greatly (noun)
hieroglyphics; 'b ´b
horn (noun)
'ff ´ff
fly (noun)
 'fty ´fty
brewer (noun)
'H ´H
catch (verb)
'H ´H
palace (noun)
'H' ´H´
fighting (noun and verb)
'H' ´H´
stand (verb)
'khmt ´hmt
river bank (noun)
'khntwy ´-hnwty
room, chamber (noun)
'khntwy ´-hnwty
reception room, audience chamber (noun)
be precise (noun)
'Kyt ´Kyt
female servant (noun)
amaA ´m´A
throw (verb)
Am-heh's name ´mHh
Ammit's name ´mmt
Anet's name ´ntit
Andjety ´ndjti
'nkh ´nh
life, breath of life (noun), live (verb)
'nkh ´nh
swear, promise (verb)
'nkh ´nh
mirror (noun)
'nkhw ´nhw
the living (noun)
'nkhwy ´nhwy
ears (noun)
Apep ´App
Apep or Apothis
'wt ´wt
flock (noun)

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