Saqqara Kings List

The Saqqara Tablet dates to the Ramesside period of ancient Egypt. It is one of the many kings lists dating to that period but like the other lists (the most important being the Abydos Kings List and the Turin Kings List) it contains a number of inaccuracies and misses out several Pharaohs.

It begins with Anedjib (of the first dynasty in the Old Kingdom and ends with Ramesses II (of the ninteenth dynasty in the New Kingdom). The Pharaohs are listed in reverse order, but in many cases they are out of sequence with only the twelfth dynasty being largely accurate.

Saqqara Kings List copyright PLstrom

The omissions include:

The tablet was discovered in the Saqqara necropolis in the tomb of Tjenry (Tjuneroy), the Scribe of the King, Chief Lector-priest and Overseer of Works on All Royal Monuments for Ramesses II.

  1. Merbapen (Anedjib)
  2. Qebehu (Qa'a)
  3. Baunetjer (Hotepsekhemwy)
  4. Kakau (Raneb)
  5. Banetjeru (Nynetjer)
  6. Wadjlas (Weneg)
  7. Senedj (Sendji)
  8. Neferkare
  9. Neferkasokar
  10. missing name
  11. Beby (Kasekhemwy)
  12. Djoser (Djoser)
  13. Djoserteti (Sekhemkhet)
  14. Nebkare (Khaba)
  15. Huni
  16. Sneferu
  17. Khufu
  18. Djedefre
  19. Khafre
  20. Menkaure
  21. name destroyed
  22. name destroyed
  23. name destroyed
  24. name destroyed
  25. Userkaf
  26. Sahure
  27. Neferirkare
  28. Shepseskare
  29. Khaneferre (Neferefre)
  30. Menkauhor
  31. Maatkare (Djedkare)
  32. Unas
  33. Teti
  34. Pepi (Pepi I)
  35. Merenre (Merenre I)
  36. Neferkare (Pepi II)
  37. Sobekkare (sobekneferu)
  38. Maakherure (Amenemhat IV)
  39. Nimaatre (Amenemhat III)
  40. Khakhaure (Senusret III)
  41. Khakheperre (senusret II)
  42. Nubkaure (Amenemhat I)
  43. Seankhkare (Montuhotep III)
  44. Nebhepetre (Montuhotep II)
  45. Nebpehtrie (Ahmose I)
  46. Djeserkare (Amenhotep I)
  47. Aakheperkare (Thuthmose I)
  48. Aakheperenre (Thuthmose II)
  49. Menkheperre (Thuthmose III)
  50. Aakheperure (Amenhotep II)
  51. Menkheperure (Thuthmose IV)
  52. Nebmaatre (Amenhotep III)
  53. Djeserkheperure Setepenre (Horemheb)
  54. Menpehtyre (Rameses I)
  55. Menmaatre (Seti I)
  56. Usermaatre Setepenre (Rameses II)
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