Weneg is a fairly mysterious character. Some scholars suggest that in fact "Weneg" was the same person as Sendji, although both are listed in the Abydos kings list. Others identify him with Sekhemhib (Seth Peribsen). Alternatively, he may have ruled over an area of lower (northern) Egypt at the same time as Sekhemhib.

His Nebty name was found on numerous inscriptions in the underground chambers of Djoser's step pyramid, while his Nomen is recorded in both the Abydos and Saqqara kings lists. To confuse the issue further, the flower glyph (translated as "wng") was mistakenly replaced by the papyrus-plant glyph (Wadj) early in Egyptian history, changing his name to wadj-nes. This resulted in Manetho mistranslating the name as "outgot-las", which he shortened to "Tlas".

Weneg is also the name of a god referred to in the Pyramid Texts. He supported the sky and was the judge of the other gods (as an aspect of the sun god, Ra)


Weneg's Nebty
Nebty; Wn
Weneg's alternative Nebty
alternative Nebty; Wn
Nynetjer's Nomen 'Wadjnes' from the Abydos kings list
Nomen; Wadjnes (from the Abydos kings list)
Nynetjer's Nomen 'Wadjnes'  from the Saqqara list
Nomen; Wadjnes (from the Saqqara List)
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