B; Women and her occupations

The following hieroglyphs are all depictions of women and their activities (following Gardiner's sign list). This list only covers activities which are solely undertaken by women. Activities and occupations which could be performed by men and women can be found on the list of hieroglyphs depicting men.

B1; woman
Det; woman, goddess, daughter, widow, songstress1st person pronoun I, wi, ink, kwi (I, me, my)
Egyptian Hieroglyph B2; pregnant woman
Det; be pregnant, conceive
Egyptian Hieroglyph B3; woman giving birth
Det; give birth
Egyptian Hieroglyph B4; woman giving birth
Det; give birth
Egyptian Hieroglyph B5 woman nursing child
Det; to nurse, look after
Egyptian Hieroglyph B6 sitting woman giving nursing child
Det; raise, nurse
Egyptian Hieroglyph B7 Queen
Det; Queen’s name


Abb; the sign is an abbreviation of a word,
Det; the sign acts as a determinative (it has no phonetic value, but provides further information about the full word),
Log; the sign is a logogram (it represents an entire word or idea),
Phon; the sign has a phonetic value, and
Phon Det; the sign is a phonetic determinant (it acts as a determinative but also has a phonetic value).

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